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This is just to make sure everything's in check. Here's a list of commission people who have been waiting. If you happen to be missing from the list, notify me and the journal will be updated accordingly. 

1. :iconcharemthecharmeleon: - OC Duo Commission [x4 Drawings+1 NSFW]
2. :iconjcsstudio: - General Commission [x1 Drawing]
3. :iconraquao: - OC NSFW Commission [x2 Drawings]
5. :iconashleywolf259: - OC Commission [x2 Drawings]
6. :iconactinsillymixtape: - I can't find the information (stupid dA Transaction only shows what it feels like showing).
**Send me a note with the details.

7. :iconknuklez: - NSFW Commission [x1 Drawing]
8. ChrisThe-Hedgehog - OC Drawing [x1 Drawing]

By the way, don't pull any shit like "saying" I have something owed to you from Hell knows when. I have the memory of an elephant and the stubbornness of a mule; I wasn't fucking born yesterday.
Why there's no merchandise of her specifically. This video took way too freaking long (almost 2 months), so please take some time to watch it if you care. I'd honestly really appreciate it. Merci, et Bonne Année.

Fixed the splashscreen for this one (and keeping it this way). Enjoy. Smoking 

So :iconfairyslivehere:, I finally made that video to answer the questions for being tagged. Hope this satisfies. Even though I was tagged 3 years ago lol. Everyone else, feel free to enjoy this video for what it is.…

The album is 'LittleBigPlanet 3 Tiki Paradise - Sequencer Music'. This album was made specifically to test out the new instruments added in the recently added Tiki Paradise Kit, which is DLC for the game, LittleBigPlanet 3 (duh). But that's far from meaning that the music isn't worth checking out. So give it a listen when you have time.

It's free to download anyway, so you have no excuse. :meow:

YouTube Playlist: Journal will be updated when album music is uploaded to YouTube.
 I got locked in the music room in school because the teacher didn't see me when everyone was leaving at the same time since I was still getting my stuff ready. I had to stay in there until the next day because the lock was completely screwed up (damn faulty repairs), so basically I slept at school. And according to the principal, I'm the first student ever in Lester B. Pearson's history to ever have a student stay there overnight. O__O)"

Thankfully I wasn't scared during the whole time, because I knew if I maintained a calm attitude & be patient, I was eventually going to get out soon. Now I'm at home with my laptop & I got a phone now. And my God did I scare my family to death! I hope nothing like that happens ever again.

And thanks for showing your concern guys. "ē  n ē)/)
Yes, all on me. Since there's little activity going on around here, and I got this idea from Ms.Moshi, I decided to give 3 freebies a shot. Not more than 3. Good luck. T 3T)"/)
Now it's closed! Oh well, better luck next time. d:
Yeah. I don't know why, but if anyone was curious, I'll go right ahead and get on with it. (Oh this is going to be stupid! ">_< (\ )


 My name is Justin Fleurimond Menard. I joined deviantART when I was about 13 going on 14 if I remember correctly. The reason I was influenced to join this site is because my favorite artists were there and I wanted to try and meet them, become friends with other artists like me. And so... I finally joined, and boy was I happy to start, but the thing is, I didn't think I would've been able to start with anything. I didn't think of the utility and advantages my Mom's scanner/printer was capable of giving me, so I was an underground user for 2 to 3 months. All alone, with little to no views, no watchers, and I had a silly username: SubstitueOfNomNoms64. Before it was CommodoreNomNoms64, but my old original dA account had a stupid hotmail I couldn't properly access due to Live Mail's bugs. T_T

 But once I realized I could make pixel art with my laptop, I made my first post.

It was nothing special though, it was just a sprite practice. :/
I also remember my first official traditional art scan. This one:Everyone by Jusu-Tengu

Oh the summertime of 2013. Such a fun, progressive time of scanning & sharing. I remember those days. Sometimes, those past feelings can just make you want to jump back and hug the world. :aww:

And the best part is when you see how much you have progressed through those times. When you look back and see how much fun it was to draw that before...
Yeah. :D

But afterwards, I had some downs and less ups. I then began to let my everlasting depression take advantage of my talent and use it for dark artwork. Involving suicide-themes and just immediate death. My friends were concerned that something was going on, and they weren't lying. I started to get over my depression controlling my art skills and went along with it a bit, thus making it go away! Even though my depression is strong, my pencil is stronger. :D

After a while of art & posting, I started getting more noticed by a certain audience for this type of artwork I made. Fetish artwork with classical cartoon characters passing gas while being overweight. Sometimes cute, but other times not so much. I've gotten over it today and sort of stopped making that kind of crude artwork, but I still make fetish artwork though, but the thing is I keep it to myself, so one day I won't run into someone... weird. O_O"

Within that time I started performing requests, and I must say, everyone was sure as heck satisfied with my artwork! But even though a majority of the request I received only consisted of fat fetish art, I felt absolutely fine with it. Then I felt less fine... and less... and less, and I realized where I felt like I was going, then I stopped making requests, and continued drawing what I loved. No one even cared after that really. As in if I post something like this:

Fat Stag by Jusu-Tengu

Which I think is freaking adorable by the way, it'll get like 12-25 comments, including conversations & replies. But if I post something like this:Dark Old Darkwood by Jusu-Tengu

It'll only get 0-3 comments maximum, AND THIS IS IN MY TOP PICKS! But it's no big deal, it just features my artwork that I call... worthy of 100+ comments and stuff. But I continued to make art like this because it made me happy, and my other watchers who still stuck by ;because they loved my art PERIOD, happy. I was only comfortable when all of the people who help me get to the top & support me are comfortable too. :aww:

 After another while of internet time, I came across a group of people who loved this show known as "My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic". And I "BECAME ONE WITH THE VIRUS AND WAS TAKEN IN THE ENDLESS MOB OF LOVE-N'-TOLERATE ZOMBIES! O___O". So I began to contribute to the show, and I felt very proud to have done so. Because I then felt like deviantART is TRULY a land of community. Since I've always wanted to share my art with the world, and I must say deviantART is pretty good place to start! But only as long as you know what you're doing, got the right stuff and you must be absolutely determined to make the thing you want to happen... happen! :D Like the fact I want to be popular among the bronies like TheLivingTombstone or... I don't know, PixelKitties! :aww:

So I continue to make the art that expresses my talent as is, while making music that surprisingly tons of people enjoy on both YouTube and LittleBigPlanet 2, while working on things that I make sure will be worthy of gathering as many watchers, commentators, bronies, pegasisters, gamers, artisans, fellow musicians, and many more, including staff members of dA possibly if I one day get that good at my artwork! :D

And I couldn't have reached where I am today, without the fabulous community, and amazing interface and structure... of deviantART. :aww:

MenInASuitcase  Happy Birthday. Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D 1st Emoticon: Happy Birthday 

Thank you for reading everyone & everypony. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to FREAKING REST MY ARMS & FINGERS. THEY HURT FROM TYPING SO MUCH!!! DX 
  • Listening to: Bossanova. Seriously, it goes good with this! :D